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"˜One of my companies signed up with the New Approach Marketing's Instant Google product, which they assured me would hit 1st Page listings for 5 key phrases, it didn't, and this is a fake.They deducted £99 + taxes from my card, and, the package is not worth it for the money since no results were ever produced, the sales rep promised it would, giving me countless assurances and reassurances, but, I am still waiting and when I called them, they state that they have a few technical issues, and it will be there soon.

It didn't produce what we expected and they promised, this was over three months ago! I feel it's a waste of money and don't believe what their customer representatives say, since they do not have a clue about the technical side of it. But, they just try to convince you by giving false information. Don't give them any of your credentials, they will misuse it even though we asked them to stop the campaign.

So be careful New Approach Marketing carries out very unethical business by fooling the non technical consumers!I will be reporting them to other senior authorities!'



I also got scammed by them through a front company called Limemedia Marketing these are also New Approach Finance New Approach Marketing.

Their web sites XHMTL are unsecure for taking card payments, no contract can be made with them since they do not adhere to the Regulations for Distant selling which should be enforced by the OFT, Everybody who has dealings with either New Approach or Lime media should report them to Trading standards just call Consumer Direct on 08454 040506. Register your complaint with them and get them put out of business before they put you out of business


New Approach Marketing im your biggest fan since you guys screwed with my money im gonna give you *** artists the *** you deserve enjoy my donation of £99 because these could be the last ones you will ever get from running scams ;)


i have no idea how dumb do they think we are i might not have the technical know how about this seo package but what they promised was with their package Instant Google 48 hours 1 Google entry for 5 search phrases this scam costs £99 + taxes and it didn't produce any satisfying results stay away from New Approach Marketing bunch of thieves :( :( :(


I read the reviews about them too. Seems like a scam. So many negatives and better not go ahead with them.


They are just bunch of jokers who fool around with the consumers.The same solution is avialable on google for free and you can target the budget and all by your self don't fall in to their marketers.

To do what ever to grab some money so Say not to New Approach Marketing.:(

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